With the “personal information protection act” the chair and co company gives importance to your personal information and complies with the laws in force because the company will inform you of the idea and the way in which the personal information that you provide are used through the privacy plan and measures taken to guard your personal information.

What to require?

Gender, name, date of birth, username, password, landline number, mobile number, e-mail, data of the legal representative for subscribers under the age of 14.

At the time of the service request: Address, data Payment records, Service usage record, access log, cookie, access IP, payment record and abuse record which is collected through mail, application forms, event, generated information, bulletin board.

Purpose of Personal Data

  • Purchase  and payment of taxes and money due for the execution of contracts and the provision of services
  • The  offering of goods or invoicing documents
  • The testimony of financial transactions status and financial services or identification based on the use of membership management system services, personal identification
  • Prevention  of fraudulent use of unauthorized members and avoiding illegal use
  • Confirmation  of the intention to join
  • Age  verification
  • Consent  of legal representative consent when collecting personal data from children under 14
  • Managing  infirmities  such as complaints, providing advice or communicating advertising information such as marketing and advertising events
  • Distinguishing  the frequency of access or statistics on the use of the service by members

Why need for retaining the personal data

Member’s data may be kept for one year from the date of termination of the user agreement in order to prevent repeated abuse by the rough member, settle conflicts, and cooperate at the request of the detective firm. It also happens when the company removes the person because of the policy violation.

The reason for preserving the information under applicable laws is to keep it in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws such as laws and regulations relating to the protection of consumers in electronic commerce



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